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Creative Design & Copywriting Services

Incorporating my passion for graphic design and copywriting, I am capable of creating visuals that would change the way you communicate with your target audience. Whether it is above-the-line or below-the-line advertising, I’ve got what it takes to execute ideas, translating them into impactful communication materials that connect your brand and your customers.

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Wordpress-based Websites Setup

I’m not a web designer, but I’ve been setting up websites for my clients based on the WordPress platform and they have been loving it! Why so? Because it’s easy to setup and user-friendly. After a quick training session with me, I can leave them to maintain their own websites without any hassle. A good example would be this website. It’s a wordpress-based website. Cool, right?

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Corporate Identity & Branding Strategies

My first branding portfolio was transforming a local bank that does not believe in advertising to a bank that makes one of the greatest impact in the industry today! Since then, I’ve been building corporate identities for various brands – which includes the construction of Corporate Identity Manuals, Logo Usage Manuals, and Marketing & Advertising Blueprints.

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