Recommended by Joseph Balan

To whom it may concern,

I have worked closely with Gina for almost one year during her stint with Ixtive Media Sdn. Bhd. As a member of the editorial team, Gina has shown an unwavering attitude towards her commitment to her work and to the tasks assigned to her.

Her determination is reflected in her ability to work well under pressure, with tight deadlines and is able to work independently with not much supervision. Largely contributing to this factor is her knack for being efficient, organised and systematic in her approach with every task assigned. It also reflects her work attitude, which is very professional in approach.

As a writer, Gina has shown much potential and would definitely be a suitable candidate to be trained and nurtured further as a writer. She is a creative individual and it reflects in her ideas for articles, even for new magazines. Besides her writing ability, Gina also possesses added knowledge in graphic design as well as in marketing. These additional training has come as a value to the company whenever new design ideas and marketing strategies for the magazines are discussed.

Gina has never failed to show great attitude towards whatever she strives to do. Even if it is a simple task, she takes it on fervently. She is also a fast learner and reflects good analytical and critical thinking skills. Her professionalism at work is balanced by her easy-going demeanour, which makes Gina a well-liked individual in the office and even clients find her easy to work with.

I am confident that Gina will go very far in her career of choice because not only does she possess skill sets that are valuable and practical, she has the positive attitude, the dedication and commitment, which would make her a valuable asset to any company.


Joseph Balan
Chief Editor
Ixtive Media Sdn. Bhd.

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Joseph Balan was the Chief Editor in Ixtive Media Sdn. Bhd. managing two publications – IF i-mag and Crave i-mag – both interactive magazines which I was actively involved in during my stint in the company. His great leadership skills in the editorial team was nurtured by his many years of experience in journalism. He has been a mentor to me since the day we met and worked together, and I’ve learnt a great deal from this gifted (previously) senior writer for Tatler Malaysia and (previously) Editor of FHM Malaysia.