Book Launch at Georgetown Literary Festival 2012

It was a privilege to launch my 3rd novel, Mangsa, as part of the programme in Georgetown Literary Festival 2012. The launch saw a different crowd coming together. Instead of the regular book readers, the crowd was one that cares about the literary publishing industry. Thus, it was a good 2-hour session of discussion and sharing on the rise of new Malay fiction in Malaysia.

I shared about how I fell in love with the Malay language and the inspiration behind my choice to write in Malay instead of English. I talked about the importance of breaking the mentality that Malay books are written for the Malays only because language should never be the barrier for anyone to enjoy a good story.

It was a session I truly enjoyed as I gathered more insights into the industry through the key players themselves. I’ll leverage on these insights as motivation to push myself forward to do even more greater things for the industry as a whole. Also present were Sharaad Kuttan, Foo May Lyn and Rehman Rashid.

Note: Mangsa was launched on the 24th November 2012. The t-shirt I wore was exclusively hand drawn to reflect the book cover of Mangsa, just my creative self having fun in preparation for this session.