Design Stream Trainer at BOLT 2010, Penang

In 2010, I met a bunch of really cool crazy professionals who are passionate about equipping the younger generations with the skills required to create effective communications. And so, I joined them in their very first Youth Media Camp known as BOLT.

The media camp includes practical and learning sessions for different streams of interests including video, audio and graphic design. I was given the opportunity to be one of the trainers in the Design Stream of the camp – handling two sessions which include The Basic Principles Of Graphic Design and a practical session on How To Use Scribus (an alternative freeware to the professional Adobe Illustrator).

Having spent four days with the teens made me realised that the younger generation is fast catching up with technology to create wonders in the manifestation of their ideas. And it felt great to be part of their growth and discovery as they discover more of themselves in their creative journey.