Featured on The Rakyat Post (Nov 2014)

As a novelist, I find that writing is a lonely journey repeated each time I embark on writing a new book. And it is this same loneliness that has hindered many other aspiring writers from actually completing the journey of their own. Many times I listen to people talking about the book they have always wanted to write only to find them still talking and not writing a few years down the road. I attempt to change that.

For 2015, I intend to recruit 5 aspiring writers to walk them through the writing journey so that they would complete writing the book that they have always been talking about. My humble effort went viral on social media and I received 40 applicants within a week. The Rakyat Post, an online news portal, picked up the news and spread the word further (read the news post here: http://www.therakyatpost.com/life/2014/11/16/malaysian-novelist-help-aspiring-authors-get-creative-juices-flowing/). Since then, I have recruited 12 aspiring writers who are committed to do this with me in 2015.