My Collaborative Writings

Besides my sole-written novels, I’ve also had the opportunity to collaborate with other writers to publish books such as short stories collections, the 24-hour novel writing project and many others. Through these collaborative efforts, I learn new things that sharpen my writing skills to produce better storytelling methods in my writing adventures. Check out the collaborative writing efforts below.

Book Title: A Guided Tour: Our Lives With Guide Dogs
Publishing Date: July 2015
Language: English
Available At: Popular Bookstores

A GUIDED TOUR: OUR LIVES WITH GUIDE DOGS is a photobook that features the visual stories of three blind persons: Yolanda Han, Ioanna Gertsou and Stevens Chan. Each of them owns a guide dog that helps them through their daily routine. It was a privilege to interview all of them and to work closely with them to tell their stories through words.

Book Title: Love In Penang
Publishing Date: November 2013
Language: English
Available At: MPH, Popular & Kinokuniya Bookstores, Amazon and FiXi Website.

LOVE IN PENANG is a collection of short stories consisting of 18 morsels of love taking place on the island. My shortie entitled Rock ‘N’ Love is included in this great collection of stories featuring other established writers such as Nadia Khan, Kris Williamson and Dayang Noor.

Book Title: Tapir Timmy Belajar Buat Apa Yang Betul!
Language: Malay

Publishing Date: September 2013
Available At: Precious Pages (Publisher)

This is my first book translation work (English to Malay) entitled TAPIR TIMMY BELAJAR BUAT APA YANG BETUL! The English version was written by Josephine Yoong. It was a privilege to work on the translation of this book as I truly believe in the importance of instilling the value of INTEGRITY into the younger generation today.

Book Title: Leap
Publishing Date: March 2012
Language: English
Available At: Download your free copy HERE.

“A novel by 29 writers from 4 cities written in 24 hours around the world.”
On the leap day of 29th of February 2012, Spread the Word brought together four teams of writers from across the globe to write a collaborative novel. Spanning Delhi, Kuala Lumpur, London and Vancouver, four characters connect, disconnect, and follow their own journeys of discovery.

Note: It was an honour to be part of the Kuala Lumpur’s team contributing to this international project; a collaborative writing effort that enriched my very own writing experience.

Book Title: Kopi (Limited Edition)
Language: Malay

Publishing Date: March 2012
Available At: Only available for on-site selling at FiXi booths.

KOPI is a collection of 19 short stories written by various writers and published by FiXi. Each writer is invited to write a story that revolves around coffee. My shortie entitled Kopi Cinta was the 5th story published in this cute coffee book.

Note: My short story was also chosen as one of the selective few to be produced into a short film.